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10:17 PM . 15 April 2014


if you dont like cats, consider this:

ur wrong

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09:08 PM . 15 April 2014

i went on my school’s facebook page to see if they had anything to say about the ice warning (of course they didn’t) and i happened to glance at the reviews and


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09:04 PM . 15 April 2014

hourly weather forecast for tomorrow morning, the 16th of April

it was 83°F Sunday

what the fuck is this

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08:44 PM . 15 April 2014

ughhhh history exam tomorrow and my professor said it’s going to be one essay question (so: no choice) and we have to know from the industrial revolution to darwin

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08:25 PM . 15 April 2014

well i clearly desperately need to go back to Berlin

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07:38 PM . 15 April 2014
im the underline this is probably an extension, u should go see if u have anything weird there o:

yeah it turns out it was some advertisement extension called “arcade candy” which i never installed????

but i deleted it so it’s gone (for now at least)

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02:48 PM . 15 April 2014

go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

in other news, why the fuck are random words being underlined????

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01:56 PM . 15 April 2014

Ugh that dumb post of mine is circulating again

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12:20 PM . 15 April 2014

This girl in my German class has four majors and three minors and she’s been here for five years and has never taken a summer or winter session off and I’m just like ????? Why would you do that?????

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12:00 PM . 15 April 2014


Frau Ella (2013) | (German) trailer | IMDB

Beckerhoff’s debut centres on the 30-year-old Sascha who is recovering from an eye operation and has to briefly share a room with a snoring granny, Frau Ella. When there are plans to operate on her against her will, Sascha whisks Ella away under cover of darkness to his flat – and the beginnings of an unusual friendship. (x)

It’s a little cheesy and full of clichés, but all in all it’s a cute little film. It got released a few weeks ago, so it’s still going to take some time until it’ll be available on DVD.

Btw, I actually bumped into the shooting of one scene when I was in Paris last year. :D